Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Electronics Help Our Day To Day Life

We are now living in the age of electronics. Electronics are tied into so many different aspects of our life. It is hard to find an electrical item in your home that does not have electronics partnered with it, in some way. Most of us begin our day by waking up to an electronic alarm clock. I sometimes wonder what time we would wake up without it. In addition, one of your first stops in the morning will be at your coffee maker. Another electronic contraption. Then you stroll over to the television set and turn on another electronic device. I know that I cannot start my day without a cup of coffee. I just don’t function yet. Millions of people in the world every day, depend on the television set for news and entertainment. Where would we be without television? Maybe outside enjoying life, or going to bed at 7pm like many did, 150 years ago.


When you receive a call on your cell phone. That’s right, you are receiving it on an electronic device. So, we get it, most all of the items that bring us daily pleasure, from video games to DVD players and CD players, are all electronic devices. However, there are also many electronic devices, that save lives everyday. Some use computers for play, but all around the world, computers are used for research that save lives. They are used in hospitals to provide information in seconds, that save lives. Much of the equipment used in hospitals are electronic devices. Electronics are everywhere. Electronics in our automobiles save lives. Whether through warning systems or preventative measures, they save lives. On many occasions we don’t even realize that electronics are helping us.

When you pull up to a traffic light, you are approaching electronics. Without traffic lights the roads would be a mess. The police use various electronic equipment in their pursuit of criminals. We come into contact with electronics in motion at our department stores and malls. Electronics signal much of the devices used in everyday life. So, the next time you are out listening to music, taking a photograph on a digital camera, or setting on your computer, think about what everyday life would be like without it.

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